The Best Books for Teenagers to Read

Discover How Books for Teenagers Can Improve The Knowledge

books for teenagersTeenagers are quirky, spontaneous, defiant, compliant and downright unpredictable. You might believe that a teen would rather spend their time hanging out, going to the mall or spending time on a social network; but the reality is that all teens are not this way. As a matter of fact, many of them like to read. Yes, the truth is that a lot of teens like to read books just as much as any adult. The main thing to remember is that teens like to read books that appeal to their desires, imagination or that are very entertaining. The following list of books for teenagers has been designed to appeal to their preferences and taste.

Classic Books for Teenagers

When putting together a list of books for teenagers a person must start with the classics. While many people might not consider classic books the type that teens would want to read, there are some classic novels that appeal to teens from different generations. Here is a list of those books.

Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist is a fun, exciting, thrilling and entertaining book about a young orphan boy who defies great odds to reach a life full of happiness and hope. Teens are usually drawn to heroes who overcome in the end.

Huckleberry Finn

The book Huckleberry Finn was published during the 1800s and it still remains a influential book in modern times. Mark Twain’s leading character is smart, troublesome and rebellious but has a heart of gold. Teens often like characters who display these qualities.

Pride and the Prejudice

Jane Austen released Pride and the Prejudice in 1813 and it went on to become a huge hit with the public. The main character is a young woman named Elizabeth Bennet who is a privileged socialite that has struggle with her role in society. Young females who read this novel will discover that their lives share similar struggles with Elizabeth.

The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel the Lord of the Rings was created during the 20th century and is one of the best selling book series in history. This story was released in a series of six movies that span over a fifteen year time period. Even though Lord of the Rings series was a major box office success it still highly respected as an excellent form of literature.

The Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a disturbing book about young boys and teens who are stranded on an island. After being left on the island for a while the boys start to develop primitive instincts that lead to terrifying and shocking results. This story will appeal to teens because of its dark overtones about the nature of people.

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is an old time love story written years ago but it still continues to entertain and thrill new readers in modern times. Any teen that has ever experienced the problems associated with true love; should enjoy reading this novel.


Vladimir Nabokov’s book Lolita was published in 1955 and it is considered one of the most controversial books in all of history. This novel is about a middle age man falling in love with a young but extremely beautiful teenage girl named Lolita. The book is troublesome to many readers but it has been written with great skill and much thought. It is ranked high as one of the best novels of all time. Teens will find it interesting and it will help them to define their perceptions of love and relationships. A young teen should only read this book after they get permission from their parents.

Contemporary Novels that Teens Enjoy

Some contemporary books for teenagers have emerged in the modern era and they will be considered classics in the future. For now, these books entertain, thrill, inspire and amaze teenagers who enjoy reading. Here is a list of those novels.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games was written by Suzanne Collins and it is a thrilling story about a young female named Katniss Everdeen who ultimately leads a revolution to change the lives of people everywhere. Teens like heroes who can impact the world around them and to make great changes.

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is a fictitious character that has become a legend in his own right. Millions of teens all around the world have at least one of the seven Harry Potter novels in their book collection. This book will definitely entertain children from each generation well into the future.

Maze Runner

James Dashner’s Maze Runner was written for teenagers and young kids. This book is about a group of teenagers and young kids who have to figure out a way to survive within a deadly environment that is centered around a maze. However, the maze is only a representation of an even bigger problem that the children must face. Teens will love this book because it forces them to think about what they would do in situations where survival is key.

The Twilight Series

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels are considered one of the best selling modern book series of all time. This story is about a forbidden love between a vampire named Edward and the leading heroine Bella. This book touches off on themes of young and forbidden love, romance and sexual awakening. Most teenagers will have a hard time putting this book down once they start to read it.

Other books for teenagers such as the Divergent series, Percy Jackson novels, the Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, Little Women, Charlette’s Web, Ender’s Game, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Princess Academy, If I Stay and Dorothy Must Die are hugely popular and successful novels that have been written almost exclusively for this dynamic group of people.