Teenage Party Games for Fun and Entertainment

The Famous Teenage Party Games

teenage party gamesTwo things that teenagers love to do (especially with each other) is go to parties and to play games. Teens do not like to play games such Pin the Tale on the Donkey, Musical Chairs or Ring around the Rosy. Instead, they would rather play games that are more “adult” in nature. This does not mean that they want to do things that are not appropriate; instead, they would rather play games that appeal to their developing sense of maturity. The following teenage party games are safe and entertaining activities to engage in at parties and gatherings.

Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is an old game that requires nothing but a bottle (preferably a glass pop bottle) and at least three teenagers to play. All of the teens sit around inside of a circle while one person will then spin a bottle. Eventually the bottle will stop spinning. When it does, it will point directly at or next to a person within the circle. The person who spins the bottle must then do something with the person that was chosen by the bottle. Normally, this game would involve kissing someone. However, parents (and even teens) can adjust the game to remove any sexual overtones. Other alternatives for this game could be to have a teen tell a funny joke or even sing a song. Young adults will like teenage party games like this one because they allow them to have fun in an adult manner.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a cultural game that is a favorite among each generation. Many people like this game because it allows them to really get to know other people and it sometimes allows people to make a romantic connection. This element of the game can be removed with the use of an alternate version.

There must be at least three people available to play this game. Once person is chosen to start the game. The person who is selected to start the game must say the words “truth”or “dare” to an individual that they choose. The person who was selected must then make a choice to truthfully answer a question about themselves or they must accept a challenge by the person who has chosen them during the game. Again, teens can play a clean version of this game that does not involve sexual situations or dangerous dares.

Human Pretzel

Games such as Twister appeal to people from any generation because it involves being close to other individuals. However, teens are really drawn to this game for this reason. They get a thrill out of doing this type of thing with other people who are near their age. There is a game called “Human Pretzel” and it is similar to Twister except people can play this game without a spinner and a colorful polka dot cover mat. Also, this game does not requires to twist their bodies around another.

Instead, all of the teens will stand in a circle holding each other hands. However, they cannot hold the hand of the person standing on either side of them. They will be required to hold the hands of other people standing within the circle. Once everyone has someone’s hand; they will then begin to try and untwist themselves into a circle without releasing anyone’s hand. This is one of many teenage party games that will be a big hit with young people.

Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a game that is a more adult version of musical chairs. In this game, no person is required to sit down. Instead, everyone will have to remain standing while one person controls the music. While the music is playing everyone has to dance but when the music goes off everyone must freeze. The last person to stop dancing is eliminated from the game. This must continue until the game ends.

Pop Star Reality Show Trivia

Pop Star Reality Show Trivia is a game that challenges a person’s knowledge about modern reality shows and pop stars. The person that can answer the most questions about these shows will be the winner. This type of activity should be included as a part of all teenage party games.

Truth and Liars

Truth and Liars is a challenging game that requires teens to figure out if someone is telling the truth or is lying. You will need some index cards for this game. Once you have the index cards you will write truth on the back of two of them and liar on the back of another. You can also use playing cards from a deck. You could select three aces and then designate two of them as your “truth” cards. While the remaining ace will be your “liar” card.

After you gather your cards place them face down onto a table. Then have at least 3 players to pick a card. The players cannot show each other their card. Next, ask each player the same question. The person with the truth card must tell the truth. The player with the liar cards must lie.

Then everybody has to agree on the one person who is a liar based off of their answer. If the person with the liar card is caught they must perform a dare. If the person with a liar card is not caught then they get to select another person for a dare. After the dare has been performed then another three players must be chosen. Truth and Liars can also be played without daring the liars to do things when they are caught. This is one of the best teenage party games that can be played by young people everywhere.