How to Make Money as a Teenager

As children mature into teenagers their perspectives about the world begin to change. One thing that they start to discover is that they need money to buy the things they want and need. They also realize that money is necessary for independence. So, many teens will pick up a job to earn the money they need or they will find creative ways to earn money on their own. The following information will help explain how to make money as a teenager.

Get a Job

Working is the number one way that all people are able to make the cash they will need in life. However, you would be amazed at how many people (including teens) are not willing to work a job. This is also true for many teens. If a young person wants money they should work for it. They must work for it. It’s just a fact of life that all teens should get used to. Sooner or later they will have to work to support themselves. Knowing how to make money as a teenager by working a job is important information for a teenager to know.

Develop a Practical Skill Set that will Beneficial to People

A teen should figure out what they are good at doing and then go out of their way to develop their skill. The reason why they should master a talent is so they can use their skills to serve people. If they are good enough they can use this talent to make money. For example, a teen can learn all about home maintenance and repair. They can then develop this skill and use it to help people out who might need a handyman or repairman to fix things within their home. It doesn’t matter what the skill set is as long as it is legal and is one that people are willing to pay money to use.

Teens can Make Money Online

The internet provides money making opportunities or people who are willing to take advantage of those opportunities. Teens can write online articles and make extra spending money every month. Teens can also perform telemarketing services from their homes through the use of the internet. Other legitimate online opportunities include website building and blogging. Online advertisers are willing to pay for advertising space for blogs or sites that attract a lot of traffic. All of these tasks can be performed on the internet and help a young person to get the extra money they need.


A teen can become a tutor and help a child to learn how to read or teach an adult a skill that they might know. The only requirement for this position is that the teen must be qualified and knowledgeable about the type of material they are teaching to people. How to make money as a teenager working as a tutor is a great way for a young adult to increase their income.

Sell Goods and Products

Teens can also sell products and items to make extra money. They can get permission from their parents to sponsor a garage sale or sell items online through an auction site. Parents can help monitor their online sales activity and help to get them started with this process.

Find Odd Jobs

Sometimes a teen can get paid by doing odd jobs that most people probably would not want to do anyway. People usually need extra help with moving, cleaning and removing items from homes. Teens can search newspapers and online for opportunities. They should clear any job with their parent before they start and make sure to explain all of the details and to get their parents approval.

iPhone Pay

Many teens have an iPhone and many of them might not be aware of the fact that they can earn money with this device. While they might not get rich they can manage to generate enough income to have extra spending money for going out on the weekends or purchasing some new shoes. Most money making apps do allow teens to make money from their service. Knowing how to make money as a teenager with the use of a iPhone is beneficial to a juvenile getting more money.

Baby and Pet Sitting Jobs

Millions of people all across the country need teens to watch their children and to babysit their pets. Couples that want to go out and have fun are willing to pay money to a sitter to watch their children while they do. Pet owners who are away from home or who have a very busy day will also pay money to have someone to walk and care for their dogs and cats. Millions of people constantly need this type of service and a teen who works hard enough can earn a lot of money with this type of work. Knowing how to make money as a teenager is not hard and a teen can make a lot of cash if they are willing to put in the work.