5 Tips for Boosting Your Self Confidence

Harnessing the Energy and Potential in Your Teenage

How confident you are as a teenager affects not only your present social and school life, but also your future if at all you do not manage to master self confidence along the way. However, unlike what most people may think, mastering confidence is not hard, but very easy as it is all within you – you just need to look things from a different perspective and do some things differently.

Here are 5 smart and easy tips to help you build your self confidence.

self confidence

1) Mind your appearance

People are very judgmental of each other mostly based on appearance – the first thing that meets the eye. It is also likely that you are judgmental of yourself too, and this affects how you approach with people, making you prefer to keep to yourself.

As such, mind your general appearance – always be neat and clean, smelling good and fresh. Additionally, ensure you are in clothes that you feel actually suit you, so long as they are good looking and comfortable, as going with a fashion in order to please others will only burden you and make you feel imprisoned, giving you a false sense of self confidence. Additionally, make sure that you eat well to stay strong and healthy while also exercising regularly to keep fit.

This way, it will be easier to interact with others and command some respect and admiration just from your appearance.

2) Nurture your talent

Everyone is exceptionally good at something, and while some make a lot of money from their talents, others enjoy fulfillment and self confidence simply from nurturing their talents and becoming better and better.

As such, if you do not already know your talent, do some exploration to identify it, and then nurture it and try to make something out of it. It can be in sporting, writing, singing, dancing, and virtually anything that you tend to identify with. As you put your time and effort in nurturing your talent, you will master virtues such as responsibility and dedication – self confidence will proceed only naturally.

3) Let go of negative memories and emotions

Regardless of how well we may try to mask it, most of us have done stupid things in the past, some of which may haunt us every day. However, others turn these past negative experiences to building blocks for a better self; others choose to let go of them and concentrate on attaining better things in the future.

Overall, letting go of negative thoughts and the negative emotions that they come with, such as sadness and guilt, it a great start for a fresh and confident self.

4) Make goals, and don’t accept defeat

Do you have a short-term or long-term purpose in life – what would you like to see yourself achieve? Having goals helps keep one’s mind focused and away from negative thoughts and emotions, as you work towards achieving them. This gives you responsibility, discipline, and self-drive over time, which boost your self confidence as you witness your goals coming to fulfillment.

However, it is important to take care not to let your spirit and will be broken by failure, as there is never a journey that does not come with its setbacks. In fact, failure should only strengthen your will to push on further and further until you achieve your goals.

5) Be optimistic

While it is debatable, most pessimistic people are barely happy, let alone self-confident. They always see the negative side of things and outcomes, and this tends to discourage them from undertaking anything – what is the need thereof if it will eventually fail, right?

However, there is always a good side to everything and life is very sweet despite throwing some lemons at use once in a while. Confident people are optimistic and know how to harness the good side of life, hence the ability to achieve personable as well as material success. As such, get rid of negative thoughts and try hard to always intercept that discouraging voice that pops up in your head regularly and you will eventually suppress it as you discover that there is a positive side of life to strive for.


Building self confidence is an easy task so long as you are optimistic about it – it is a natural virtue and strength that is within all of us. As such, consider these tips and set your mind right, towards mastering self confidence and achieving success.